How mobilesphones have improved business

The world of business communication changed pretty much when the first ever mobile handset was invented the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x which was a staggering 4.4 pounds and only sent calls. Today, the technology of business mobiles has evolved concurrently changing how people do our businesses. Your Smartphone handset can pretty much be your own personal secretary if you want it to be.

Extra information about business mobiles


Initially holding video meetings required a board room, with a huge screen and high-end sound output. However, technology has made business shift from this conventional way of communication. With the advent of mobile phone applications like Skype, Viber or Google Hangout, one can make a video call anywhere provided they only have sound internet connection. Teleconferencing on the go has made companies make decisions faster and saved resources for small start-ups that cannot otherwise afford a conferencing room.

File Sharing

When cloud computing was first introduced as a concept, not many businesses bought the idea plus there were so many problems to technology then (virus and malware attacks that brought down company databases). Nonetheless, today you can easily share files with your workmates if you have mobile business apps like iCloud or Dropbox. It is possible to sit in on different meetings, get the details down (even video and audio recordings), and then send them on the company cloud where every employee can access.

This has greatly unified companies in how vital information is disseminated. The threats of malicious attacks have reduced as well and cloud protection is ever stronger even on a Smartphone level. Applications like PDF readers that once only existed on desktop computers can now be used on the Smartphones, making access to any kind of file format possible.

Texting, Emailing and MMS

The first mobile handset only made phone calls. However, it opened up technology to a lot of possibilities. Today you can effortlessly call or send a text message to anyone instantly. Business mobiles are internet enabled thus can send emails including large files that could only be sent on a computer. Most Smartphones today come with high megapixel cameras which can take high quality images and videos too multimedia that can be sent back to the company offices for processing and even used on social media campaigns and commercial advertisements.

Personal PRs

No longer do you have to be late for a meeting or carry a notebook around so long as you have your Smartphone or tablet with you. Business mobiles allow you to set up reminders for meetings, take minutes in meetings and schedule emails for you and receive notifications to your phone. Your Smartphone alerts you when stocks go down and are favorable for purchase, when a new item has been released by a rival business or when your new marketing campaign goes public.

Quick Business Presentations

With business mobiles, you can set up presentations to clients complete with images and videos in them. No need for those distracting connecting wires that criss-cross the project and laptop in a boardroom.

Business mobiles can be our own personal assistant and connect us to our business partners through text, emails and multimedia.